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The Void Tour

Blind Toms, 
As many of you hopefully know now, we are releasing “The Void” at the end of next month. In light of this release we are also proud to announce Part II of the big news. Starting March 23 we begin The Void Tour! The tour kicks off at the Hi-Dive Denver. Let’s pack the joint! Stay tuned for more updates on the venues and cities will be visiting on the tour, and detail on the bands that we will have the privilege of sharing a stage with. 

Blind Tomorrow Drum Blog


Bass drum pedals!

We all use them, what pedal do  you use? Or what do you like the most?

I’m in love with the Jojo Mayer signature pedal by Sonor.  It literally feels weightless under my foot. The action is super smooth.  And as corny as it sounds it is kind of an inspiration under your foot knowing that it is designed and played by JoJo.

Blind Tomorrow Drum Blog

Favorite snare drum.

Hey all you drummers, what is your favorite snare drum you own? Is it the most expensive? Did you build it yourself? Best recording/live snare drum?

I would have to say my favorite as of right now would be my 14X5 steel shell I got in a student pack when I first learned the instrument 10 years ago. I have had it all this time and it still surprises me with what all it can do. I have been able to tune it up, tune it way down for Blind Tomorrow where the size fools everyone.

I have since sold my first drum set but have no intentions of selling my first snare drum. I am looking into holding on to this snare drum through the years and see what new characteristics come out of it as the years go on.

What is your story? Be sure to share with me I’d love to hear any stories


The News

Blind Toms,

Yesterday, we asked for your help getting 500+ likes on Facebook. Thanks to your help we now have 528 likes! Your help means the world to us. The community wouldn’t be thriving without a fan base, the heartbeat. Together, we keep music alive.

Now, as promised, we owe some news. This secret comes in two parts. You lovely’s will have to suffer and wait for Part II this weekend.

Part I: A couple years ago, we started the band, Blind Tomorrow. We were so eager to compose music and share it with the world. We wanted to make an album that people could connect with and want to share with others as well.

We had no clue where to go or how to accomplish our vision. We sat there with a handful of songs and no idea what to do with them. A man we owe a shitload of gratitude to, luckily, came along and took us under his wing. He opened our eyes to the music world and pointed us down the right path.

It took a great deal of trial and error, ups and downs. After all of this time and effort, it brings a great deal of happiness to us to announce, our debut full-length album, The Void. It will be released this March, 2014. 

Stay tuned for another update this weekend for an exact release date and The News: Part II that ties into it.

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